How to brainwash yourself to forget someone

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What you need to focus on right now is to stop adding salt to the wound. Fill your daily schedule with lots of things to do right from the early hours of morning to late evening.

How to brainwash yourself to forget someone

Even a quick weekend getaway with a friend can do wonders in uplifting your mood and keeping bad memories at bay. You will have new surroundings to familiarize with, you new neighbors to meet, new malls to visit, new supermarkets to shop at and most importantly, an environment that does not have a single trace of the people you want to remove from your life. Just like with our example of someone giving up smoking.

How to brainwash yourself to forget someone

How to brainwash yourself to forget someone

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  1. Meanwhile, the researchers scanned the people's brains to look at their brain activity throughout the experiment.

    How to forget someone you loved quickly? First, let me make a comparison about getting over a breakup.

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