How to end affair

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Don't say hurtful words. For some people, having an affair may seem like a good idea at the time and a really bad idea once it becomes too complicated to manage a double life and the guilt becomes too difficult to bear. And lots of people have them.

How to end affair

So, like Group Beyond Blue member SalT, many people will attempt to connect again with a love interest even as the relationship produces much pain because, unconsciously or consciously, they are hardwired our reptilian brains anyway to pursue the spike in dopamine and norepinephrine of infatuation and early stages of a relationship. LoveBondings Staff Last Updated:

How to end affair

How to end affair

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  1. For instance, if you just write your affair partner an email and say, "I can never see you again," your spouse might not ever trust that the affair is really over, or that you really ended the relationship and are recommitting to your marriage. If you don't end it well, the affair could come back later and jeopardize the new monogamy you are working on in your marriage.

    Limit the meeting to no more than 10 or 15 minutes if you decide to meet in person. Give time to yourself and your family.


    Be Kind Assuming that your lover did not force you into the affair, you have no real right to blame them for it. Show your spouse that you are working on being a grown up and taking responsibility for the consequences of your mistakes.

    But at the same time, I feel guilty being in this relationship because everyone I know has turned on me because of it.

    This is also not a decision you should make alone. And lots of people have them.

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