How to not be shy around girls

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In fact the vast majority of guys get nervous when talking to women they like, even if they appear to be super confident. This step will help you gain confidence and also many girls like guys who are social and fun loving. Inferiority makes you feel not entitled to be confident and express your personality.

How to not be shy around girls

Even with your close friends and previous girlfriends you would have gone through that difficult stage. This will be seen by the girls you talk to and they will start getting attracted to you.

How to not be shy around girls

How to not be shy around girls

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  1. So it's understandable that you hold back. Whatever happened in the past molded us in certain ways.


    It will also help you in having a fun and interesting conversation that will make her attracted to you. They may start fantasizing about the girl like I said above.

    And even if you do, the way you behave around her still communicates to her that you would be totally crushed if she was to disapprove of you in any way or reject you.

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