How to start a breakup letter

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It is essential, to be honest with your intentions. You were filling my cup, but for some reason I never felt full. If you are uncomfortable with personal meets or phone call, then breakup letter writing is the best available alternative.

How to start a breakup letter

Be honest — but not brutal. Perhaps you just don't enjoy being together. How to Write a Breakup Letter Through Email You may find it a justifiable action to send an email, but the truth is, does this guy really deserve an email and not a proper face-to-face confrontation?

How to start a breakup letter

How to start a breakup letter

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  1. Take your time, avoid his calls, and text message him saying that you need some time away, before finally typing out that email when you're ready.

    Then say why you want to move on.

    Take this factor into consideration because you want the letter to reach in a right hand.

    It's best we part now and learn to live without each other instead of going on together knowing it will someday end.

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