How to use pillow for sex

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Handles are also a plus, and pillows with that make for more support. Incorporating a sex pillow into your oral sex routine will help tremendously with this.

How to use pillow for sex

Better Reach Lying flat on your back or not having that extra support makes it harder for your partner to hit you in all the right places. As we've covered, using a sex pillow gives your partner higher elevation and allows them a place to rest their bodies on so that it makes positions easier, and better felt.

How to use pillow for sex

How to use pillow for sex

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  1. Solo Use The best part about having a sex pillow is that you don't need somebody to use it with. If you've never used a sex pillow before, you're missing out on a whole new level of sex with your partner that can make the most basic of positions feel incredible.

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