Hypothroid and low sex drive

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Sandra sought out the medical attention necessary to understand the root cause of her startling lack of sex drive. Especially when it can have such a large effect on our overall health, discussing our libido is not something we should be hiding — from our doctors or our partners. Those with hyperthyroidism can also experience this symptom, but they can also experience episodes of increased sex drive, due to the sped up metabolism hyperthyroidism can cause.

Hypothroid and low sex drive

That many patients with hypothyroid get ineffective doses of thyroid replacement is the consequence of this issue. A quality B complex with active B vitamins can provide both B5 and B6. Self-Care Your medical health and your relationship to your partner all come back to one central concept:

Hypothroid and low sex drive

Hypothroid and low sex drive

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  1. Therefore, if the T3 levels are not balanced, despite the the fact that the T4 and TSH levels can be optimal, symptoms may still be felt.


    This symptom can also happen to patients with hyperthyroidism , but patients with hyperthyroidism can also go through some symptoms of increased sex drive in view of the high metabolism caused by hyperthyroidism.

    Then I started her on natural thyroid treatment, detox and dietary changes. Regular moderate exercise aids in the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone T4 to its active form T3.

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