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Despite preparing for harvest for weeks probably months actually , it feels like it has arrived all of a sudden with everything needing to be done at once. We had lower than average rainfall in May, June and July which left us anxious but received some much-needed moisture in August. We have to find meaning where there is none.

Itiswhatitis com

Sometimes you just need to know that you tried, and that was all you could have been expected to do. Now all I have to do is make a green salad to go with it and deliver it at dinner time. We have to find meaning where there is none.

Itiswhatitis com

Itiswhatitis com

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  1. Kajizilkree

    The year started out dry which had us nervous around seeding time…to sow dry or wait for that first rain. We need closure in order to shelve things in our head and move on.

    Best friends believe you deserve all-in commitment.

    Maybe not an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, but an ex-something. We need closure in order to shelve things in our head and move on.

    Why do we keep risking, then?

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