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In How to Shop for a Husband, Janice looks at the latest research, talks to experts of all kinds-divorce lawyers, sexologists, psychologists, and even her long-married friends-and shows readers how to close the deal on terms they can live with… for life. Many people don't need extravagant gifts and a donation to a charity in their name can send more holiday joy than that Black Friday discounted desk organizer ever could.

Janice lieberman today show

Is it really right for the loved one you're gifting? Lieberman has appeared as a guest on numerous national television talk shows, including Oprah, The Montel Williams Show, and Leeza.

Janice lieberman today show

Janice lieberman today show

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  1. Finally, save your shoe shopping until the end of the day. Listen LIVE on the web.

    Don't buy the kids too much, get them something , but don't go crazy.

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