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He got his favorite prop tattooed on his arm. He lost a whopping 40 pounds. An especially big fan of Harley-Davidsons, Jeffrey loves to hit the road to clear his head.

Jdm tattos

Jeffrey couldn't afford a car for the first decade he lived in LA, so he got comfortable zipping around town on a motorcycle. They met on the set of Weeds when Morgan played her dead husband.

Jdm tattos

Jdm tattos

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  1. In an interview, Jeffrey said that he started reading the comics he has always been a fan of the show because people would randomly tell him that he should play Negan. It was to prep for a role, of course.

    He lost a whopping 40 pounds. The rest, as they say in Hollywood, is history.

    Eventually, he was able to afford a car, but his love of motorcycles remained.

    But he doesn't discriminate. Doing double-duty as a handsome crime fighter on Extant this summer and an investigator on The Good Wife this fall, the intrigue he brings to his characters can be matched only by the man himself.

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