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A dance becomes a fight, bodies tangled, then a dance again. The multiple time dimensions through which living beings speak, and the terrible slowness with which many of us humans manage to respond, is not so much laziness, I think, but more like struggling through some awful nightmare.


How are we and other species to live and live well? It took me a couple of years to get the original drafts unfocussed and then re-focussed.



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  1. In classic Rowe design, the executive residence enjoys three pavilions to capture and enjoy the breathtaking views over the rolling green hills of Kangaloon, extending to the Pacific Ocean, Mount Keira and Mount Kembla.

    How may we promote health, life and beauty in an era of unfathomable loss? The terrible realisation today is that to wake from a nightmare is to emerge into another one.

    How are we and other species to live and live well?

    Due north facing and sitting pride of place on the acre landholding in a prestigious enclave of Kangaloon. I had been entranced by them, by their watchful presence, in that deep, often re-growth forest.

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