Keep the love burning

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Written by those who have loved and lost but have found love again, let it inspire you to take the plunge. Read more love quotes and poems Funny Love Quotes Humor always makes things better, love included. The collaborative efforts of each member allow sharing of best practices to improve their skills and knowledge to eventually upgrade the level of professionalism of various associations in the Philippines.

Keep the love burning

Every time the dishwasher is unloaded, a meal is cooked, or laundry is folded, words of thanks are exchanged. We watch and learn. As an example, the mission of the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives PCAAE is to promote association leadership and governance in the country by building the capacity of association board members and executives.

Keep the love burning

Keep the love burning

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  1. If left on its own, relationships, much like gardens, eventually die due to neglect.

    Be inspired to meet the love of your life through these words. If each touch point is well managed, a smooth and meaningful relationship with each member will be achieved by the association.

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