Leave your past behind

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Whether it is a situation, something we did or even something we said without thinking. Some people are able to push past who or what hurt them, while others let it eat them alive.

Leave your past behind

Get out of your comfort zone If you want to leave the past behind, the best way to do it is to make your life better than it was in the past. The people you surround yourself with significantly affect your life and, therefore, your ability to leave the past behind.

Leave your past behind

Leave your past behind

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  1. Shaktiramar

    Cancel 0 The moment that we begin to live in the past is the precise moment that we should leave it behind us. If we allow the past to run our thoughts and our life, we can never truly be happy with where we are.

    Living in the past allows old doors to stay open, and new doors to remain shut. Make a point to speak to yourself with encouragement and reframe your thoughts from negative to positive so you can continually make forward progress.

    Cancel 0 The moment that we begin to live in the past is the precise moment that we should leave it behind us.

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