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Lebians tumblr

Abusive power and control Domestic violence in lesbian relationships happens for many reasons. Further, the fear of reinforcing negative stereotypes could lead some community members, activists, and victims to deny the extent of violence among lesbians.

Lebians tumblr

Lebians tumblr

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    Due to forms of discrimination , homophobia , and heterosexism , and the belief that heterosexuality is normative within society, domestic violence has been characterized as being between the male perpetrator and the female victim. This has caused rates of violence in lesbian relationships to range from 17 to 73 percent as of the s, being too large of a scale to accurately determine the pervasiveness of lesbian abuse in the community.

    Lesbians who report more frequent use of violent tactics in conflict with their partner will report a higher level of dependency as a personality trait.


    These negative feelings are then acted out in the form of lesbian battering. The perpetrator of violence in an intimate relationship can also threaten their partner to abduct their children if only one has legal custody of their children.

    The alienation and isolation imposed by internalized and external oppression may construct loss of control, and the need to reclaim it becomes the central concern for lesbians.

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