Lesbian sex always the answer

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I've heard you don't know your gay unless you try, is this true? Now, a few themes arose in your answers about dom vs. Do you feel that lesbian relationships, even though both parties are female, there are still gender roles?

Lesbian sex always the answer

In terms of sex and protection, when having sex how do lesbians protect themselves against things such as STDs? Lo Cole Do lesbians have better sex than heterosexual women?

Lesbian sex always the answer

Lesbian sex always the answer

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  1. These women do not watch lesbian-categorised pornography because, leaving aside an emerging market for pornography made exclusively by women, lesbian pornography is mostly aimed at men.

    Or put a condom on it if you are using it on multiple partners at once. Lesbian sex is about intimacy and pleasure, which is what any kind of sex really should be about.

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