Line dancing classes perth

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It is a private venue, but you will be made welcome. You can dance on your own if you line dance. Dancing has been found to be the best physical activity most effective in giving a lower risk of dementia.

Line dancing classes perth

Line dancing for seniors will energise your body, raise your fitness level, get your brain active and delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimers disease if you are candidate for that! Dancing also goes one step further in preventing bone breakages by building your internal core strength which will improve your balance and reduce the risk of a fall.

Line dancing classes perth

Line dancing classes perth

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  1. How does line dancing reduce the risk of falling and broken bones?

    Does dancing do anything else?

    We teach line dancing and we only teach a few popular fun dances to our Rock'n'roll students as a warmup and we teach Seniors Line Dance for various local councils and seniors groups.

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