Long distance friendship ideas

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Some of the best book suggestions have come my way from across the pond. Take random clicks with neutral tones and send them to your friend. On that note, start dreaming about the big future events that will bring you closer together.

Long distance friendship ideas

Go shopping over FaceTime Random trips to Ross were me and my sister's jam. Photo by James Lewis via px.

Long distance friendship ideas

Long distance friendship ideas

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  1. Moogukinos

    If you know your friend doesn't like to study, make one or two of those regularly-scheduled Skype sessions a cyber study group. Here's how it works:

    Video chat often -- even when you have no big "stories" to catch each other up on. You can even sing together the title track of the series.

    If your bestie is across the country or across the world, it might feel super impersonal to tell her that deep, dark thing you've been struggling with. If you would like to watch it, you can do so below:

    Michaela and I did a Facebook Live video a while back sharing our best long distance friendship tips!

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