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The first can be attained by all, and the second by those with talent that is applied within an environment that promotes training and competition opportunities, a positive self-image, personal responsibility and, especially, hard work. Follow Chuck Warner on Twitter here.


My third visit underscores that perception, as well as the observation that cultures in America and other countries, as well as communities and swim clubs, severely discourage or encourage athletic results, as well. In the sport of swimming, for an athlete to climb an objective structure of competition it is necessary to produce a consistent commitment to hard, well-planned work.



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  1. You have to work for it. Swimmers will be introduced to increased distances as repetition and practicing of the correct form is the key to achieving success with these skills.

    Advanced Beginner 1 This class is designed as an introduction to the water for fearful non-swimmers or swimmers new to seperation from parent. It will be a continuation in refining the stroke development for effective and efficient swimming for longer distances on all strokes up to 50 meters, while maintaining good technique.

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