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The dating app makes sure the law is adhered to by asking men for consent of their first wife and have extensive ways to verify every account. It is an Indonesian dating app very obviously aimed at a specific segment of the population.

Magazine on online dating

As a user you can use niche dating apps to choose which part of your identity you want to show in online dating, such as your cultural values, your religion or your special passion. In the past 20 years there have been many protests organised by women to convince the government to change this law, but up to now it has stayed intact. It is said homosexual men and women used code words to place personal advertisements looking for likeminded people, but also for unhappily married people for whom divorce was impossible, the personal ads were a much desired way out, and of course, much like in online dating nowadays, there were people who posed as someone else, in an attempt to scam or rob people, or use them in other ways.

Magazine on online dating

Magazine on online dating

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