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That is me standing at one end of the island looking out to the beach across the way. Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter. I hated it more than ever.

Matt kepnes

Having their help with the day-to-day operation gives me space to me focus on my writing and strategizing. Pet-sitting , alternative tours, and even meals cooked and hosted by locals are all new and creative ways to spice up your travels.

Matt kepnes

Matt kepnes

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  1. It was one of the biggest natural disasters to ever hit the country. Each day was something new—a new activity to try, a new food to eat, a new person to say hello to.

    Whatever gets you relaxed and energized is what you should be focused on. Maya Bay has been destroyed even more, partially cleared to put in little huts, a snack bar, bathrooms, and even a smoking area.

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