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Girard notes the productive potential of competition: Aristotle considered it important that there be a certain distance between the work of art on the one hand and life on the other; we draw knowledge and consolation from tragedies only because they do not happen to us.


Michael Davis, a translator and commentator of Aristotle writes: When reporting or narrating, "the poet is speaking in his own person; he never leads us to suppose that he is any one else"; when imitating, the poet produces an "assimilation of himself to another, either by the use of voice or gesture".



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  1. To Taussig this reductionism is suspect, and he argues this from both sides in his Mimesis and Alterity to see values in the anthropologists ' perspective while simultaneously defending the independence of a lived culture from the perspective of anthropological reductionism. Coleridge begins his thoughts on imitation and poetry from Plato, Aristotle, and Philip Sidney , adopting their concept of imitation of nature instead of other writers.

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