Mens turn offs

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Regardless of what they think, if you want to save yourself the time, keep it simple. Like when men majorly overdo the aftershave and end up reeking of insecurity, too much of a heady fragrance can be a bad thing.

Mens turn offs

Buy a hamper, put them in a cardboard box, or just skip the middlemen at the laundromat and set your filthy undergarments on fire. Likewise, take the time to clean before visitors come over. As our video below notes, studies show that men tend to prefer a more natural look—but what does that even mean?

Mens turn offs

Mens turn offs

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  1. Well, guys, your apartment freaked her out. Patchy tea-hued stains and the aroma of wet dogs are not the only reasons why.

    In fact, on a normal day, this three-inch area is the most disgusting part of your apartment. Do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on some decent frames.

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    Nothing in the refrigerator Women pay attention. Frames make a difference; with a frame, a photo looks like a nice, welcoming reminder of the good old days.

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