Mopar hotties

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Some blame the valve overlap during the intake stroke that eliminates the need for an EGR valve. Check clearance with carburetor and air cleaner installed.

Mopar hotties

I hope Mopar has studied the lessons of carbon buildup in GDI mills and engineered accordingly. The modern engine typically has variable valve timing and even cylinder deactivation.

Mopar hotties

Mopar hotties

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  1. If an intake valve is dropping into a combustion chamber with combustion byproducts or unburned fuel, the valve might be exposed to the precursors that cause carbon build-up.

    Expanding that information into speculation of the V8 dying is just that Each package includes the camshaft, cam lube, instruction sheets and roller lifters.

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    Some have blamed the positive crankcase ventilation PCV systems for leaving an oily film on the intake valve that is then baked into carbon. Please see pages for a complete listing of these and other Exhaust Systems and Headers.

    The engine management system can control when, how long and, in some cases, how deep the valve goes into the combustion chamber. These cams are for those interested in increased power as well as low rpm torque.

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