Morrabbin airport

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The pilot of TXH was not injured. Ask the driver to stop at Moorabbin Airport.

Morrabbin airport

The bus stop outside the Cheltenham station is on the corner of Station and Charman Roads and there are two buses that travel past the airport. The pilot and both passengers evacuated the aircraft safely, however one passenger drowned before reaching land due to being unable to swim.

Morrabbin airport

Morrabbin airport

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  1. All 5 on board both aircraft died in the crash. The sole pilot, believed to be a man in his 50s, had been on an hour-long joy flight.

    Secure, undercover parking please call Stu at Melbourne Car Kennel on 03 for pricing and to make a booking. Police said the single-engine Cessna was coming in to land at the airport when it crashed into nearby Scarlet Street, Mordialloc, just after 5:

    The Piper was able to limp back to the airport where both occupants escaped injuries.

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