Mt airy md zip code

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Airy was established in and continued to develop throughout the decade, beginning with the construction of house settlements along Parr's Ridge. Airy is no longer economically dependent on the railroad, as citizens work a variety of different jobs. Airy is a neighborhood community for these job centers.

Mt airy md zip code

Pine Grove Chapel, circa , now a historic monument, was constructed to fill the need for a community church. The school and church were closed later because of distracting soldier activity around the vicinity of the school. The town's proximity to the National Road contributed to its growth.

Mt airy md zip code

Mt airy md zip code

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  1. During the growing season, which averages about days from April through to September, the last part of July through to the first part of August is the driest, with an average of degrees.

    Bussard was the first major landowner in Mount Airy.

    The National Road ran west from Baltimore to Illinois.

    When Carroll County defined its permanent boundaries in , Mount Airy was divided between two counties, Carroll and Frederick; the town has remained in two counties since that time. In , a railroad tunnel was constructed on the south side of town and the existing line into town became a spur line into the center of Mount Airy.

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