My guy friend is pulling away

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The only way for him to figure that out for himself is on his own, when he can get perspective on it. First, know that men don't always excel at just listening, and not "fixing. As per usual, once attraction gets acknowledged and is mutual, tension gets worse.

My guy friend is pulling away

I know this situation feels awful. He's allowed to ask, and he already is setting some boundaries with his behaviour.

My guy friend is pulling away

My guy friend is pulling away

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  1. Arashilkis

    All of those reasons are about his emotions, his fears, and his hangups about relationships.

    I responded briefly, telling him that it was cute but particularly hilarious because it was coming from Mr Commitmentphobe himself.

    However, because he knows how I feel about uncommitted sex, he probably wasn't sure if I wanted it and did not push it. If not you need to read this next:

    Note that we always had a very open, honest friendship, and my saying something that blunt to him or anyone else wasn't really uncharacteristic.

    Chasing after love never, ever works. First, know that men don't always excel at just listening, and not "fixing.

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