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Real foods are authentic foods. She put it on a shelf, tucked away in her kitchen. That hamburger and bun were so processed, mold didn't even grow on it!


You may wind up lighting up, slugging down alcohol, vegging in front of the TV, eating junk and perhaps not even complying with instructions about medication. Then one measly mineral and four vitamins are added back to "enrich" these pathetic grains. You know them as plain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meats or seafood, plain milk products, or foods made from these basic ingredients.



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  1. In fact, it was almost losing those locks that taught him the lesson. Even people who think they eat well notice improvements in energy, mood, motivation, thinking ability, waistline measurements and more when they make additional changes in how, when and what they eat.

    He was sure I would force him to drink wheatgrass smoothies or dine on brewer's yeast muffins. The more improvements you make in what you eat, the faster and more dramatic the results.

    They followed my advice and were amazed at how much better they felt. Six months later, it looked almost exactly the same.

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