National park sutherland

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Bundeena and Maianbar can also be accessed by road through the park or by the passenger ferry service from Cronulla. A common sea-star found growing in the rock pools is the biscuit sea star Tosia australis. Valley sides[ edit ] Many species of Eucalyptus , such as the Eucalyptus luehmanniana , thrive in the Royal National Park.

National park sutherland

Commonly seen bird species include Eastern curlews Numenius madagascariensis , striated herons Butorides striatus , brown honeyeaters Lichmera indistincta , little egrets Egretta garzetta , royal spoonbills Platalea regia , white-faced grey herons Egretta novaehollandiae , Australasian little bitterns Ixobrychus dubius , pied oystercatchers Haematopus longirostris , Australasian pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus , sacred ibis Threskiornis moluccus , chestnut teal Anas castanea and azure kingfishers Alcedo azurea. The main road into the park from the north drops quickly from the heights to Audley, where it crosses the Hacking River on a weir before climbing up the other side of the valley to continue further into the park.

National park sutherland

National park sutherland

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  1. Mangroves and salt marsh[ edit ] Mudflats exist along the shoreline of the Royal National Park which is substantial enough to sustain a simplistic system of mangrove woodlands especially along the Port Hacking Estuary with the occasional clump of stunted tree on the seaward coastline in sheltered coves.

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