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He went by Bill Kross, hoping to avoid the sting of discrimination that might come with being the son of a Polish immigrant. Krzyzewski's own father didn't use it. So when the boys begged school administrators to help them join the local Catholic Youth Organization basketball league, their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Neils toolbox

There's not a hint of jealousy or animosity among them. Krzyzewski wasn't sure about the decision, either. Mike Krzyzewski with a towel turban on his head.

Neils toolbox

Neils toolbox

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  1. Krzyzewski had written from West Point that he would be home soon on leave and asked whether she would like to go to a Chicago Bears exhibition game. He had an alley, so what did he know?

    He thinks he can do anything, but he cannot dance.

    Some kids got fancy -- Krzyzewski's buddies nicknamed their playground squad the Warriors, for example -- but parents had no time and certainly no money for schedules and practices and uniforms and coaches. He, too, was an Army graduate and, though a few years younger than Krzyzewski, figured his fellow West Pointer could use a little help.

    And Krzyzewski, the man who seems to have all the answers now, didn't have any.

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