Nicknames for keira

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It all depends on the actual person who the nickname belongs to. The one thing I can't stand, though? It lets you and your friends have a closer friendship, because you can call your friend something no-one else says to them.

Nicknames for keira

Anyway, if someone is saying something offensive to you, then you should just ask them to stop. Does anyone named Keira have experience with this?

Nicknames for keira

Nicknames for keira

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  1. Yes, nicknames may be offensive and we stop them, but shortening names is absolutely fine. Does anyone named Keira have experience with this?

    I have been part of the scouting movement since I was a cub.


    My name is Keira and I am always complimented on what a pretty name it is, though no one ever spells it right.

    Mostly people spell it Kiera, but sometimes it's Kyra or Kira or even Keria!

    They can be handy if you have a long name and if people do bully you about it just tell them to stop.

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