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He has a passion for rugby league and racing and a solid overall sporting knowledge that our listeners enjoy Monday to Friday on the Big Sports Breakfast. After finishing school David embarked on a media career in racing and sports.

Oakbank sa

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Oakbank sa

Oakbank sa

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    Graduating to the media after an year professional rugby league career, he has successfully transferred his on-field vitality to television and radio. After stints with other commercial networks he returned to Sky Sports Radio as panel operator for the Big Sports Breakfast.

    His love for racing was sparked by going to the track many times with his father from when he could walk. These roles included writing for various newspaper publications as well as featuring as the long-time host of Coast FM's Saturday Racing Coverage in his home town of Gosford.

    On finishing High School he spent five-nights a week in the 2KY Parramatta studios learning the craft of race coordinating and ABC broadcaster Mike Broadhurst helped develop and refine his vocal skills.


    View Team Caroline Searcy Caroline is credited with 25 years of media experience.

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