Online dating comedy show

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Why can a woman interrupt his story at dinner to explain she prefers the strong silent type? With hilarious honesty, the two add a melodic touch to the ways people get up close and personal nowadays.

Online dating comedy show

More than discussing the minefield of bad dates and dating annoyances, which come out throughout her sets, Ryan also opens up about her own shortcomings to underscore how it takes two to tango. With brutal honesty, she details the unspoken things women do. That book grew out of his stand-up, which focuses heavily on dating, relationships and the growing communication chasm in the digital age.

Online dating comedy show

Online dating comedy show

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  1. He partnered with sociologist Eric Klinenberg to do a deep dive—both scientifically and anecdotally—into the dating phenomena he had witnessed firsthand as well as through friends. Rather than go into anecdotes about his own experiences with dating, Burnham lays bare what people really should be doing to find that special someone.

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