Online dating private investigator

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Conduct a Background Check: With online dating so popular, you would imagine it would be easy to meet a significant other nowadays, right? How do you know if your online friends are who they say they are?

Online dating private investigator

They also have access to tools, like background checks and high-powered software, which produce undeniable proof that will stand up in court. How many people will actually confess to past crimes or indiscretions when trying to attract a new partner? In the meantime, here is some information you should know about the most common scams:

Online dating private investigator

Online dating private investigator

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  1. Internet dating scams are a legitimate threat to all participants. If you happen to find a potential match, it is understandable to be excited.

    Once we obtain the information you need, we can offer sound judgment on your next step. Ultimately, the data gathered by an investigator will be used to put the victim at ease, uncover potential criminal action, and prevent future fraudulent activities by turning evidence over to the police.

    Being dishonest about age, appearance and income is one thing, but 10 percent of all new profiles are actually fake.

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