Overcoming imposter syndrome

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According to Cox, learning a mentor or trusted friend has also gone through the same thing can provide clarity and relief to those with imposter syndrome. Actually, when I look at my praise file I have proof that I have something to offer. If the world knew he was gay everything would be over.

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Losing is just part of the game. Turns out, it definitely is.

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Overcoming imposter syndrome

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  1. He spent a huge chunk of his life without expressing himself. It takes the focus away from actually doing good things.

    There are a whole slew of people at rock bottom who have found life worth living again because of something I wrote.

    You can even stay anonymous if you want. Making a concentrated effort to listen to and reflect on words of encouragement can help sooth anxieties the next time self-doubt pops up.

    Never stop doing your thing. Especially when they laugh at you for it.

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