Photos of lost love

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In his mind, they've been about as close as two people can be for those last two years, but in another world the real world she's been living with another man, Rick Butcher, in a life without the coffee shop lurker. I was quite pleased, both because the film was very professional and well-crafted for a man with a limited budget, but also because Nowak was a Wisconsin native like myself, allowing me the opportunity to have a little pride in my state. CONTACT If you would like to respond in any way, to find out more about the project, to share your story or to participate in the project, please use the form below.

Photos of lost love

This film just takes it that extra step. One scene has Rick Butcher in bed, clearly taking up only a half of the bed even the colors hint that the halves are purposeful.

Photos of lost love

Photos of lost love

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  1. And this time the lurker steps out of the shadows.

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