Primal instinct for women

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We will ship the item as soon as payment is cleared on PayPal. Pheromax for Women Reviewed Pheromone s for Women: It appears to be some what safe to wear in the work environment, although this is always risky when dealing with Copulin containing pheromone s, the sexual attraction vibe is not overly overt so you can get away with it at work, in strict moderation.

Primal instinct for women

That is an awesome feeling. We have numerous resources to help you meet new people and improve your current relationships. After about 45 minutes of this the meeting had to come to an end.

Primal instinct for women

Primal instinct for women

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    Really, I felt like I was the most confident person when I wore it! Please check with your country's Customs Office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

    Think of it this way: Ranked 1 in Top-Rated Pheromone Colognes, Primal Instinct contains 5mg Androstenone per bottle and comes in an unscented version which is virtually free of any pheromone smell and draws women close.

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