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Before Chamberlain there was the likes of Georges Cuvier and his contemporaries, whose treatment of Saartjie Baartman — also known as the Hottentot Venus — early in the 19th century was premised on the apparent biological inferiority of people of African descent, once again "proven" by bad science. From the article, the entire study appears to be based on the perspectives and opinions of adult respondents, Kanazawa reports his findings as "objective facts": As some tweeters have noted, it's a classic trick in which pseudoscientists blind you with multicoloured graphs and three decimal place figures to convince lay readers that their research was thorough and is conclusive.

Psychology todsy

Is your photo friendly, welcoming and cheerful? I mean, who can argue with three decimal places?

Psychology todsy

Psychology todsy

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  1. Nobody has called who is a bad fit. It is energetically too taxing at this point in my life.

    In your profile, keep the focus on the client, not on you Follow the

    Have you considered creating a listing on Psychology Everywhere as a complement or alternative to your PsychologyToday profile?

    Are you especially good at particular issues?

    I decided not to lead with anything like that. By the time a potential client gets to your profile on Good Therapy or Psychology Today they have travelled quite some distance in getting ready to get help.

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