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However, larger populations of dugongs can be found in the Ormiston parts of the bay which have not been so affected by development. The foreshore park has three swimming coves with sandy beaches, making a nice change from the smelly mudflats of other bayside swim spots.

Raby bay

Kids can safely ride, scoot and skate, while those seeking a more sedate pace can soak in the beautiful bay views. The owners of the properties in the canal estate claim they should not have to pay a levy as the canals are not part of their land and should be maintained by the council in the same way as roads. However, other residents in Redland City do not believe that their rates should be increased to pay for expenses associated with residents who chose to purchase land in a canal estate.

Raby bay

Raby bay

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  1. However, there are signs the seagrass is recovering in Raby Bay with sightings of the dugongs within the canals. The park is also home to a shaded, sand-based playground with play equipment for all ages, a Liberty Swing and wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities.

    However, larger populations of dugongs can be found in the Ormiston parts of the bay which have not been so affected by development. In , it was estimated up to 23 kilometres of canal wall were in need of repair.

    Now heritage-listed, the Cleveland Point Light remained in use until

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