Radiometric dating activity pennies

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Make a stack of coins the same height as each number, and line the stacks up next to each other in order this way you are making a "graph" using stacks of coins, instead of drawing one on paper. Teaching Materials In a large class, give each student a penny. Record the results for 9 other groups and total all the Trials for the candies.

Radiometric dating activity pennies

Instead, it forms an exponential curve that starts off very steep, but then gradually tapers off towards zero. Put exactly coins in the resealable bag. This demonstration is a great way to break up the lecture with a short activity -- students get to stretch their legs.

Radiometric dating activity pennies

Radiometric dating activity pennies

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  1. This is why radioactive contamination is dangerous in the environment and hard to remove. Put the coins that landed tails up aside.

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