Real estate melbourne eastern suburbs

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There are also many historical Victorian style buildings and art deco apartment buildings in East Melbourne, making it highly appealing to local and international buyers. For this reason, properties in East Melbourne are in extremely high demand and attract over 1, visits per property.

Real estate melbourne eastern suburbs

With over 1, offices across 11 countries, one of our 12, specialists are ready to discuss your property needs. Melbourne property — green space in the heart of the city Kew is another Melbourne property destination offering a slice of riverside living and plenty of green space to boot.

Real estate melbourne eastern suburbs

Real estate melbourne eastern suburbs

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  1. The properties in East Melbourne are also some of the oldest in the city, giving the suburb a quaint and historical charm like no other.


    This area falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Melbourne and Stonnington City Council and is characterised by a bustling shopping district, scenic parks, historic period housing and of course, the Yarra River itself. East Melbourne has a highly educated and professional population, with many employed as managers, administrators and professionals.

    This is more than double the average for the rest of Victoria and makes East Melbourne one of the most popular inner-city suburbs. All of this combined makes East Melbourne a popular suburb for independent singles, couples and those looking for a secure investment property.

    It is also just steps outside of the CBD and is serviced by ample public transit.


    East Melbourne real estate offers something for everyone, from quaint historical properties to art deco apartments, and all right outside the CBD. Due to high demand, purchasing East Melbourne real estate for sale is extremely competitive, and interested buyers are advised to align themselves with a leading realtor who can guide them confidently through the process.

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