Redis distributed cache

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The following example shows how to use an instance of IDistributedCache in a simple middleware component: Finally upgrade the node as you do for slaves. We recommend using a dedicated SQL Server instance for the distributed cache backing store.

Redis distributed cache

Because it is a master without assigned slots, it does not participate in the election process when a slave wants to become a master. Redis Cache is a caching solution which gives you high throughput and low latency as compared to SQL Cache. Distributed Redis Cache Redis is an open source in-memory data store, which is often used as a distributed cache.

Redis distributed cache

Redis distributed cache

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  1. The created table have the following schema: It writes to the cluster in a simple way without even checking if what was written is the right thing.

    Supports majority of redis-py functionality. No automatic live-migration to Redis Cluster is currently possible.

    Server closed the connection Now we can look at the output of the consistency test to see what it reported. You can remove a master node in the same way as well, however in order to remove a master node it must be empty.


    As a template for your configuration file just use the small example above, but make sure to replace the port number with the right port number according to the directory name.

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