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Tips for Round Back pocket Peter Sly worked in well with his full-back and between them they channelled a lot of play back through Cyril Freemantle's flank. But the Maroons coped with the conditions better.


The former star Bulldog mentioned that elementary mistakes, lack of skill and most damning of all the unwillingness to put the club first, before all else left the poor crowd disappointed about having paid to spend two hours watching 36 fully-trained athletes. So with just three rounds left the race for the wooden spoon was absorbing, with just the tiniest of percentages separating sixth-placed South from cellar dweller Castlemaine.



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  1. Then with Taylor, Knight and Sutton firing up the Demons went on another eight-goal quarter to put the match beyond Echuca's reach by the last break.

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    Only the grandstand wings and flanks were passable, he said. Rochester 11 wins, 2 losses, 44 prem.

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