Ronan keating nationality

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I drive the car home and I'm singin' to me heart's content other people's songs, and I'm sure they're bang out of tune, and I just love it! Once you hear one of them, you're singing it all day. I believe you always have to set yourself a challenge because otherwise life gets very boring.

Ronan keating nationality

Sharing a cute picture of baby Cooper with his wife Storm Keating , the pop star gushed: The reason Oasis and Robbie [Williams] and bands like that don't happen [in America] is that sometimes attitudes like that don't work. And I'd hate to think this could ever get boring because I love it too much.

Ronan keating nationality

Ronan keating nationality

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  1. So much love from all of us. Ronan Keating and wife Storm gush about parenthood Storm, 36, also took to her social media account to share pictures of her little boy, describing herself as the "luckiest woman in the world".

    Full results are announced after the contest closes for entries. I think some of them feel bitter that the fact Boyzone aren't together is because of me, and that's not true.

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