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I could find it difficult to dispute your opinion about social justice warriors, and that kind of somewhat rootless, unresearched rage. Who could possibly be offended by anything there?

Russell brand transcript

You will never become king rat in the Variety Club now. So once you have diagnosed which particular defects of character have been most prominent in your path, and become willing to let go of them, Step 7 is making a concerted and real effort to live without them. For me, it is more appealing when you talk about it in Jungian terms, although I have no problem with the sublime and the divine.

Russell brand transcript

Russell brand transcript

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  1. Too much emphasis, because immediate gratification is a tool of consumerism. Well, part of what happens in the redemptive story is, if you think about Christ as a symbolic figure—symbolic of the process of transformation that we just described—one of the morals of the Christian passion is that you need to radically accept your limitations.

    Yeah, courage—and willingness to try dangerous things and push forward. But there is no neutral:

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