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The following are their number and present names. In Speed's Plan of Newcastle, dated , no buildings occur on the scite of this street; yet there are deeds of property in Sandgate as early as the years and As the tide flows up this burn, and consequently affords the convenience of water carriage, both its banks are covered with buildings; and a large space of ground, which, some years ago, contained only a few wretched hovels, has been converted into a considerable village.

Sandgate newcastle

Dixon petitioned the burgesses for a remuneration for his property that had been destroyed, and was granted a leasehold close by the lime-kilns, but not at all equal in value to his freehold. From below the Ouseburn-bridge up to where the tide flows, each side of the water is covered with extensive and important manufactories, consisting of corn steam-mills, foundries, potteries, a flax-mill, and other works, as will be more particularly noticed in the sequel.

Sandgate newcastle

Sandgate newcastle

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See "The Exhibition, a Citizen," dated April, It sandggate regard, that the centenary stones numbered 65 to 69 moral on the devout side of Sandgate. This branch is dressed Sandgate New-road.
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  1. A number of lanes run from the street on the south down to the river, and on the north, by a very steep ascent, up to Sandgate New-road. Ann's; the commissioners of the turnpike road leading from Newcastle to North Shields having obtained a lease of the ground necessary for that purpose, at the yearly rent of one shilling, from the common council of Newcastle.

    A regular range of buildings, usually called Quality Row, stretches from the burying-ground to near the Shields turnpike road. In , Captain Cuthbert Dykes, hostman, who was both post-master and town's surveyor, undertook to serve the lower parts of the town with water.


    See "The Folly, a Farce," dated April, They are mostly those who are employed in the keels or lighters, or in ships engaged in the coal-trade, and are undoubtedly as hardy and laborious a class of men as any in his majesty's dominions.

    Sandgate is divided near the middle by a runner of water, called in former times the Swirle, at present, by corruption, the Squirrel.

    Sandgate has evidently had its name from its situation on the sand by the river's side.

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