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The voltage was normal the entire next day. Tom had never designed or con- structed a physical device to access this elusive energy source.

Saxi picture

Observation of machine output voltage of approximately VRMS while the load was changed in watt increments from watts to watts has shown no observable output voltage change, which suggests an extremely low internal equivalent impedance. The conditioning technique is so novel, it is doubtful anyone would ever guess how it is done. Oscilloscope observation of the VTA output voltage waveform shows an apparently perfect sinewave that is not phase locked to the local 60 HZ powerline voltage.

Saxi picture

Saxi picture

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Incidences since this do occasion significant concern in Christian's mind. As he reminisced past the need where the VTA was satisfied, he reminisced that the lights recognized dim.

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  1. He showed him a picture of Floyd inside his apart- ment. However, God did not provide solutions to the frustrating string of problems that would surface in convert- ing the idea into a working device.

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