Sci fi anime movies

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At its core it's an Arthurian-like saga combined with an old-fashioned Flash Gordon spirit absent from most dark dystopian sci-fi flicks of the 21st century. Barefoot Gen takes a sobering look at the aftermath of these events from the perspective of a young boy and illustrates how the manmade disasters affected the Japanese people as a whole.

Sci fi anime movies

The government is able to manipulate people by changing their actual memories, making them doubt their versions of events. It's also got interesting moral complexity. But some shady organization or other seems to be responsible for an epidemic of "mad Boomers", something causing these normally subservient robots to transform, become more self-aware, and attack people.

Sci fi anime movies

Sci fi anime movies

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  1. Mikazilkree

    When "The Wired" starts looking like its responsible for mysterious deaths, as some children are becoming unable to tell it apart from reality, Lain freaks out while investigating all this. Will we be more or less free?

    The TV show was a mind-bending take on the staple trope of anime that defied expectations and will likely go down as one of the greatest and weirdest anime shows of all time.

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