Sex after cuming in wife

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In fact women are desirous of even more sex as they approach middle age and later. But for the most part, our feeling of pleasure and being "done" should be interconnected with the way our partner is feeling. When young, he is able to retain an erection for some half hour or so after ejaculation; as one gets older, detumescence after ejaculation is rather quick.

Sex after cuming in wife

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! It happens, and it's okay that it does now and then. By all means, when a male and female couple is having sex to try and reproduce, once the male ejaculates, that's all that's needed to make pregnancy possible:

Sex after cuming in wife

Sex after cuming in wife

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  1. In an year-old, this is typically less than 15 minutes. Women do not have a refractory period.

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