Sex and the appalachian trail

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But more importantly, share yourself. Just be a good, happy hiker.

Sex and the appalachian trail

Listen to all the advice, but do what feels good. I doctored my skin with Neosporin every chance I got. Thank them if you see them.

Sex and the appalachian trail

Sex and the appalachian trail

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  1. Many women also experienced irregularity in their menstrual cycles due to weight loss, change in environment, stress, etc.

    The amazing person to douchebag ratio on the trail tips heavily in favor of cool people, but you'll inevitably find the douches in the relentlessly competitive gang.

    I bought the smallest stick possible, and wore it almost every day for the rest of my trip. You're gonna run into gear-heads who will try to persuade you to change your setup or try to make you feel small and ignorant about your choices.

    But I'm not sure if that's possible?

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