Sex in the middle ages

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While divorce did not exist with regards to its forbidden status within the Church, a woman could file for a separation from her husband on the grounds of ill treatment and in many cases was granted the separation. They feared that otherwise, men would corrupt respectable women or, even worse, turn to homosexuality.

Sex in the middle ages

One Oxford study presented the cases of 13 women who were cited for cross-dressing in England during the 15th century. There is very little mention of female homosexuality.

Sex in the middle ages

Sex in the middle ages

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  1. In certain situations, however, such as extreme obesity , these other positions could be not only acceptable but even practical.

    An inability to perform the marital duty could result in a trial where the man had to prove that he was physically capable of having sex. And as you are about to find out, sex during those times was far more interesting than you would expect.

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