Sex offenders with mental retardation

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The Habilitative Mental Healthcare Newsletter. Another nationwide study that surveyed community agencies found the most common sexual offenses were inappropriate sexual behavior in public Addressing the needs of developmentally delayed sex offenders.

Sex offenders with mental retardation

Clinical features and offense behaviour of mentally retarded sex offenders: Treatment and evaluation issues with the mentally retarded sex offender. She has been able to live in the community, with supported-living services and therapy.

Sex offenders with mental retardation

Sex offenders with mental retardation

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  1. On the other hand, sexual offenses by people with intellectual disability sometimes go unreported since law enforcement and others are unsure as to how to handle an individual with this type of disability who is alleged to have committed a sexual offense. Additional problems include the lack of mental health professionals and sex therapists with expertise in this area, a lack of accurate diagnosis and a lack of police understanding and intervention.

    Follow up needs to be long term and treatment needs to be revised according to the risk presented at that time.

    The state of Delaware developed a consortium consisting of people from both state and private agencies who work with sex offenders of all ages.

    Some offenders have never been taught their behavior is inappropriate.

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